Welcome to the inaugural issue

Welcome to the inaugural issue


  • B.G. Shivananda Registrar, Karnataka State Pharmacy Council, Bangalore, Karnataka, India




Dear Readers,
The German Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Biomaterials (GJPB) is a new journal published in Germany that focuses on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomaterials. This journal is neither beholden to commercial interests nor a scientific organisation and is, therefore, free to respond to the demands of writers and readers and offers a genuinely cost-effective publication service. GJPB is a quarterly publication covering all disciplines linked to Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomaterials. It appeals to both specialised and multidisciplinary interests. The journal publishes research papers and reviews the current state of the art in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomaterials. Articles on Pharmaceutical/Biomaterial research, teaching & learning, laboratory innovations, education technology, and other related topics will be presented.
       Fair and open review methods for acceptability and a double-blind refereeing system are other significant elements of GJPB. The publication of the journal is free of charge. It is an excellent opportunity to try out this journal and take advantage of free publication. The papers will be evaluated by the Editorial Board and a vast panel of reviewers. Members of the Editorial Board and reviewer panel are recruited worldwide and have expertise in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomaterials. I guarantee a timely, courteous, and unbiased review of your paper based on clearly defined acceptable standards. I am glad to extend a warm welcome to you at the inauguration of the "German Journal of
Pharmaceuticals and Biomaterials". I want to express my gratitude to the entire team, as they are the backbone of this scientific endeavour.


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DOI: 10.5530/gjpb.2022.1.1
Published: 2022-04-25




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